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You’re probably not used to hearing this in the construction industry, but Ibens is not afraid of giving guarantees.



Guarantees of results

You do want to know what you’re getting? For how much and for when? We guarantee a fixed price, crystal-clear quality standards and a firm delivery date. We keep to this commitment, and it doesn’t stop at delivery. The entire legal framework (operation, tax-related matters, environmental aspects, construction permit, etc.) is handled by ibens.

Well-considered solutions with maximum enjoyment

Living life to the fullest is experiencing it. The sense of elation. The cheers. But also a smile, that warm sense of security and being at ease. That’s what we’re here for. Offering experiences, but in a thoughtful way.
At its very essence, a housing project is not about bricks and concrete, but about people. For ibens, a housing project starts by taking an in-depth look at your true needs. For this reason, we put ourselves in the shoes of the new building’s future residents and managers. What are the operational processes? How will people move around inside the building later on?
We take this information and turn it into a Design Brief, the essential starting point for any successful project.
We build housing solutions, create spaces and apply modern techniques in consultation with your architect and engineering consultants to ensure that users have the most pleasant experience possible.
To put it plainly: we truly do build for people, and you see this in our solutions.

Taking worries away

Every day, you have important and less important things on your mind. Making decisions, running your organisation, etc., and then there’s that construction project! We take care of everything (including the red tape) during the entire housing project. This is our core attitude:

  • strong, process-based approach as per our own NeoHOTPLANS process protocol
  • co-ownership of your project’s feasibility
  • the 3D model allows you to see the result before the works begin

Cooperation and partnership

Passing the baton at the right moment... If every runner does this, then the entire team wins! A housing project is exactly the same, and the team wins when the common goal is reached: a successful project in which each member of the team attains its individual objective. The client, the architect, the engineering offices, the contractors, etc. Solution-oriented thinking while respecting all parties involved lies at the heart of our corporate culture. In our collaborative model, everyone involved is considered a fully-fledged partner.

Avoiding cost of quality

Getting it right the first time - doesn’t it save you a whole lot of energy, time and money? The process-based approach applied throughout the entire housing project begins by determining feasibility and drawing up the right design brief. Building a virtual, detailed 4D-model of BIM (building information model), in-depth work preparation and LEAN construction mean that the process is efficiently managed and cost of quality, time wastage and redundant work are avoided, including in the building phase. As a result, we are able to work under tight schedules at competitive prices, which translates into time savings and therefore added value for the client!