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Action plan: strict operational processes for an impeccable result

Your building project commences long before the first stone is even laid and ends well after the first residents have moved into their new home. We have provided the following breakdown of all the phases in your project to show how we can help you every step of the way.

Our action plan is called neoHOTPLANS and includes the following:


  • Necessity: you realise that additional care and housing is required. We help you define what you need exactly, based on our industry knowhow and targeted market research. Together we define exactly what you want to build.

  • Requirements: your requirements and our knowledge input will be combined into a clear and transparent design brief, which sets out the key points of the project.

  • Options: how will you fulfil the market requirements and comply with this design brief? We gladly supplement your ideas with our own insights and market expertise so you can choose from a series of alternatives.

  • Feasibility: no, we do not sign a contract yet. We look at the figures. Taking into account your design brief, we calculate how much you need to invest and what the expected profits should be. We examine various alternatives so you can be sure whether your project is feasible. So you will never engage in a risky undertaking.

  • Design: to the drawing table! Your architect will design your project and will tweak the design together with us during consecutive stages based on well-considered feedback. Your buildings gradually start to take shape: including in 3D.

  • Testing: we carefully check whether all the choices made in the design comply with the legislation and the rules for obtaining the proper permits.

  • Fine-tuning the plan: high time to create a 3D model based on your drawings. It is also used to create the technical model, in which all the essential elements of your new building are incorporated, from the load-bearing structure to the technical installations.

  • Logistics: we pre-manufacture most of the components and ensure that they transported to the construction site safely and on time. This way, all the building teams have the right components and materials when they need them.

  • Assembly: now all the pieces of the puzzle really start to fall into place. Our building teams assemble your structure in line with the 3D model. This phase is quite short thanks to the rigorous preparation.

  • Normal use: your project does not end with the laying of the last stone. On the contrary even: that is when your residents move into their new home. Our modular approach guarantees that your new building can be used for many years to come.

  • Demolition: our modular building is quite flexible when it comes to using it for other or different purposes, but if the time has to come to demolish it, then Ibens is once again at your service.