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Project management: keeping a tight rein

Managing a building project can be quite complex: different partners, regulations, unforeseen circumstances... Ultimately, however, you want to have a qualitative project that is finished on time and respects the budget.

At Ibens, we excel at project management. We developed our own methods to oversee building projects from start to finish.

We constantly check six fundamental aspects of your project:

  • Budget: every expense is justified. We always remain within budget.

  • Risk: we evaluate the possible risks for every decision and so that you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

  • Organisation: we put together teams with the right people and the right skills to seamlessly implement your project.

  • Time: we draw up a detailed schedule for the entire project and all sub-projects. We make sure that our own employees and our external partners meet these deadlines.

  • Information: you are informed about the progress on the site via a project website that we update daily.

  • Quality: we constantly check the documentation and whether the works are carried out in a high-quality manner.