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Buildings that combine housing with care come with a host of special requirements as you may well know. As the principal, you must take into account norms and regulations in terms of safety, comfort and accessibility. You also face the challenge of developing an economically viable project. Fortunately, you can rely on an experienced and reliable partner in Ibens.

Suitable for every phase of a person’s life

Ibens only builds solutions that are suitable for every phase of a person’s life. We have already worked on dozens of residential care projects in various settings, with very different specifications. But ultimately, the result was always the same: an architecturally beautiful building that is a perfect combination of housing and care, where residents can continue to enjoy the best quality of life despite their changing needs.

From concept to management

Our partnership starts at the earliest stage, when your housing or care solution is just an idea. We will gladly discuss with you how you can best set up and develop your project. We will also oversee the implementation of your ideas with unwavering attention to your views on care and the total 'life cycle cost' of your building.